ine-vest: "Hi, love this fantastic blog. I wonder, do you have a gifset from episode 4 of season 2, where Gob is about to do the magic trick at their father's wake and start dancing and Buster starts dancing as well (in his stripper military uniform)? If not, could you make it? Love that scene, and Buster's dancing. X."

Thank you so much and yes I do have that gifset right here



Endless List of Perfect PeopleAlia Shawkat

"When I get a new script, my mom will read them and just be aghast. I think it’s hysterical."

Michael, maybe you don’t have enough RAM to understand this, but there is such thing as brotherly love.


Commission for Steven the-flying-giraffe, as part of the Indiegogo campaign rewards for my health insurance! He commissioned a black-and-white digital portrait of Buster Bluth from Arrested Development with “a fitting quote from Albert Einstein to accompany him.”

I decided to mash up episode references a little bit and put him in GOB’s Hot Cops military uniform, but holding his rewards from Army. No hook yet at this point in his life, sadly.

Done in Adobe Photoshop via Wacom Intuos4 Tablet.